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Passion and innovation makes us who we are.

We will introduce ourselfs, for more then 9 years, we have Niek, Dick, Thomas and Henk each with a different character and different tasks, Global Wood Import BV into what it is today We do it as a team, mutually contemporary and unique.

New products and the changing uses of Tropical Hardwood, which makes our job so versatile and innovative. The entire chain of importing tropical hardwoods, the storage and distribution in the Netherlands. We do everything in-house. Throughout the year we import container loads full of hardwood from South America and Africa. Decking, garden piles, sheet piling, and more different end products. Most hardwoods we sell directly to the timber trader with full packages. Because we have bulk tropical hardwoods on stock at our yard in Hengelo, we can quickly switch to the demand.

Tropical hardwood is in our blood.

We are real wood worms and therefore a very passionate about our profession. Using tropical hardwood we find a nice gift. Because of this passion we are strong in the buying and selling of this fine natural product.

We are a young company from the eastern of the Netherlands, we act sincerely, and we are straightforward.